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Surviving the Presidential Election of 2016

Surviving the Presidential Election of 2016

Surviving the Presidential Election of 2016 by Vera Mehta, Ed.D. | November 2016 The election is over. Donald Trump is going to become our new President on Inauguration Day, Friday January 20, 2017. If he was your guy, then this is a time to be...

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Cool & Pertinent Information! (2017)

  Is a calorie of sugar equivalent to a calorie of protein or fat? Is sugar poison? Nrf2 May be the key to anti-aging in all species as it prevents cell damage by stimulating over 500 genes which protects the cell. Sold as Protandim Why does...

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Who We Are

Yaffe Ruden & Associates is a primary care medical group in Manhattan, New York in practice for over 30 years using traditional, integrative and hi-tech medical approaches in a personalized, managed care setting. We try to be very cost sensitive. In our office it’s “you and us versus the medical issue.”

What We Offer

Yaffe Ruden & Associates offer gastroenterology, colonoscopy in office, dermatology, optometry, echocardiograms, orthopedic urgent care, full X-ray facility, biofeedback, podiatry and Havening.