Dr. YaffeDr. RudenDr. RosenDr. ParadkarKarim, PA
OntimeONTIMEONTIMEOntime30 – 45 MINS
ONTIMEJessica, PADr. BarotDana, PAEye Doctor
Dr. BraunsteinDr. ElangoDr. BikhmanDr. SeilhanSamara, PA
ontimeOntimeOntime30 MINSOntime
Kindred, PAKatie, PALily, PAAlisa, PAErica, PA
OntimeOntimeOntimeOntime20 MINS

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About Us

Who We Are

Primary care medical group in Manhattan, in practice for over 25 years using traditional, integrative and hi-tech medical approaches in a personalized, managed care setting. We try to be very cost sensitive. In our office it’s ‘you and us versus the medical issue’.

Our Services

At Yaffe Ruden & Associates we offer an array of world class services. Browse each category to learn more about each service.

Our Doctors

Who makes up Yaffe & Ruden Associates? It’s our wonderful staff. Learn more about our diverse doctors, medical staff, and departments.

Y&R Chronicles

Join the journey of medical monologues. These are the archives of Y&R Chronicles written by Vera Mehta, Ed.D.

The Original Yaffe Ruden Logo

Designer: Terri Edelman      |      Circa 1985

We want our patients to be heading upwards in the right direction — towards optimal health, physically and mentally.

The original Y&R logo depicted The Upward Spiral and an Old-style Stethoscope. The Upward Spiral typifies the style of our approach. We want our patients to be heading upwards in the right direction, towards optimal health, physically and mentally.

By eating properly and reducing stress, one feels more energetic, enabling more vigorous and enjoyable exercise. This leads to a greater feeling of well-being, more interest in good health habits, greater self-awareness and a happier, healthier life – The Upward Spiral. By recognizing the habits involved in the downward spiral, we help our patients deal with these problems, stabilize, turn around, and head upwards.