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Concierge Thank You Letter – July 2016 from Dr. Yaffe to his Concierge Patients

I want to thank every one of the 700 patients who have signed up for my concierge program for their confidence in me. It’s been a successful first year, and I’ve gotten many positive comments. My program is filled and I have begun a waiting list.

In the concierge program I see 20% of my previous patient load, and this allows me to treat my patients as I did in the days prior to the time constraints imposed by managed care.

My typical concierge patient plans on coming in once per year and hopes that he or she doesn’t need me at any other time.

Similarly, my patients want great insurance but they hope it isn’t used!!

During the course of the year a surprising number of questions relating to healthcare come up where decisions need to be made. These are often minor questions and but sometimes life changing surgical options, medication options, second opinion issues, or even ethical decisions. Several patients have commented, “it’s like having a doctor for a husband”.

My patients know they have a quarterback who they can be confident doing research and making well thought out decisions, and a medical quarterback will go above and beyond to make things happen.

Trust these days is at a premium. It is critical to have medical trust, to be involved with a physician who you know, and who knows you. My patients want a doctor who is going to treat them like family, to do the best for them, not what might be best for the doctor.

Trust is very important when medical, economic, ethical, and defensive medicine concerns might enter into a doctor’s decision.

“It’s like having a very good very reliable insurance policy, rather than just having a medical insurance policy and hoping the system works”, said one patient.

My patients realize that they are paying to join me for a trusting longterm relationship, quality decision making, and efficient availability and action. That is a special personal kind of insurance.

It has been said that in London nearly 10% of the population utilizes private healthcare, I.e Harley Street, and 90% use the NHS. With 15 million people in the New York metropolitan area, this equates to 1.5 million NYC metro patients might be choosing concierge services in the next few years.

Presently there are approximately 100 concierge physicians in the area practicing primary care.

3000 concierge physicians might ultimately be needed, 2900 more, if 10% of the NYC Metro area chooses a concierge practice over to the next few years and there is a very limited pipeline for future concierge doctors.

Consequently fees are already rising due to demand. I am committed to protecting my patient’s fees in the present reasonable range and promise to maintain that commitment over the next 20 years that I hope to practice.

I am only scheduling 2-4 physicals per day, and I am usually able to see my patients with little delay. Texting the concierge secretary or me directly increase efficiency and minimizes delays and aggravation.

Extra time allows me time to research the literature, the opportunity to discuss and disagree with consultants. I spend more time discussing genetic issues, supplements and alternative approaches to issues. I’m taking a very preventative approach to aging.

Castle Connolly has been very helpful in obtaining difficult referrals for my patients who might otherwise not have got appointments nearly as efficiently. They have also been able to help patients’ relatives in other parts of the country get referrals.

I have been very pleased to have patients who have signed up from around the usa including California and Texas, as well from cities as distant as Barcelona, London, Jerusalem, and Beijing.

I am always looking to improve the concierge service, and many new services are pending. we are investing in several high tech tools that will be helpful in picking up early medical issues.

I appreciate the referral of friends and acquaintances, and though I am presently filled to capacity, I am told to anticipate a 10% attrition rate annually, so a waiting list is available. Email me at dryaffe@yafferuden.com.

I want to thank you again for your trust and for your many referrals of business acquaintances, friends, and family members. I hope to make you proud of your referrals!

Please contact me if there is anything that I can do to make any situation better. As You know, I respond quickly to emails and texts.

To good health!
Bruce Yaffe