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Protandim is a combination of five supplements that stimulate the NRF2 – protects cells in ALL species.

There is already a product on the market which stimulates the NRF2 pathway and it has become the foremost studied for ground-breaking treatments for MS.

There are 200 different/separate genes involved in cell protection. Some respected researchers consider this pathway to be the ultimate pathway in promoting health and longevity – these five common supplements includes:

  • Green Tea
  • Curcumin
  • Bocopa
  • Ashwagandha
  • Milk Thistle

Five common supplements found in one tablet for $45/month.

The pharmaceutical companies are actively investigating NRF2 potency now and they are excited about it.

Dr. Yaffe: “It has become a $200 million product but because it is difficult to sell in health food stores. Unfortunately with NRF2, it is sold through multi-level marketing schemes which is not my favorite but understandable. I was introduced to this product three years ago. We do not sell this product in the office but you can order it from Sharon Dominguez at (302)420-4170. She is the wife of a famous jockey who was injured when he was thrown from a horse. He had serious neurological damage – his recovery was a miracle and accelerated by Protandim.

I purchase a 3-month supply which is automatically renewed. It’s approximately $45 / month, a relatively inexpensive price compared to purchasing the five supplements individually.”