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USCIS Immigration Physical Exam (Form I-693)






Dr. Julie Bikhman is a Designated Civil Surgeon

Purpose of Exam:

The purpose of the medical examination is to identify the presence or absence of certain disorders that could result in exclusion from the United States under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The civil surgeon is not responsible for determining whether an alien is actually eligible for adjustment of status; that determination is made by the INS officer after reviewing all records, including the report of the medical examination. The civil surgeon is responsible for reporting the results of the medical examination and all required tests on the prescribed forms. On other related news checkout this article about airbnb host discrimination on persons with disability.


Applicant must fill out Part 1. of Information About You of form I-693 prior to their appointment.

  • DO NOT sign the form until the doctor tells you to sign it. The form must be signed in the presence of the doctor.
  • MUST present a valid government-issued photo identification or another form of government -recognized identity documentation.
  • Most I-693 forms are completed within two to three business days or less by the doctor.
  • If you require a referral then all health-related follow-up appointments must be completed in order for the doctor to certify Form I-693
  • Click here for Form I-693

USCIS Medical Examination Fee $300.00 (not covered by insurance)

  • Payment is required at the time of service
  • We accept cash, credit card, and or money order. Money Order payable to Yaffe, Ruden & Associates, LLP
  • If labs, vaccines and or chest x-rays are required then we will bill your health insurance carrier if we are in-network.
  • Any follow-up appointments are $75.00 fee.

We Offer:

  • Required Vaccines
  • On-site blood draw
  • On-site Chest X-ray

Please call our office to schedule an Immigration Physical Exam with Dr. Bikhman at 212-879-4700.