One of our Cardiologists and co-founder of LabFinder, Robert Segal, MD, was interviewed on Aaptive Magazine to discuss whether or not you may have adrenal fatigue. 

He’s quoted as saying:

Everyone has an adrenal gland that products a group of hormones that are essential for maintaining energy and metabolism, explains Co-Founder of Dr. Robert Segal.

The concept of adrenal fatigue is just as it sounds. It’s the reaction your body has when the gland has hit its max performance.

“Adrenal fatigue is a constellation of non-specific symptoms where the hallmark is overall malaise. It is presumed that this arises from adrenal gland dysfunction,” he says.

While many people report this concoction of symptoms, Dr. Segal notes that it’s a debated topic since there isn’t real scientific evidence to support the claims.

“Since it is debatable that the symptoms attributed to adrenal fatigue are generated from an issue with the adrenal gland or from some other more common process, it’s important to rule out thyroid issues, anemia, sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disease,” he says.

Dr. Segal says that it’s a common misunderstanding that in order to rid yourself of adrenal fatigue that you simply need to zen out. “Although lowering stress is a good thing, it doesn’t really resolve the problem.

What should be resolved is where the stress is coming from,” he explains. This could be done through therapy, where you can openly discuss what’s causing you difficulty and process the feelings in a healthy way. When you can accept, deal, and move forward, you’ll naturally feel more at ease.

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