To all of the long-term and loyal patients of Yaffe, Ruden and Associates:

As you have already been notified, I am happy to report that Yaffe, Ruden and Associates is very happy to be merged with Medical Offices of Manhattan (MOM) and Manhattan Cardiology. My concierge practice will be unaffected. I also will remain a gastroenterologist doing procedures and consultations as usual. As I am transferring administrative responsibilities, and for the next (hopefully) 20 years, I will finally be able to optimize my time to tend to the medical needs of my patients.

As is the case with many private practices in Manhattan, our and your costs were rising due to higher copays and deductibles and physicians have been forced to spend less time with patients. Anticipating this, Dr. Ruden and I both started concierge practices 3 years ago, as did Dr. Kakoulas last year, which allow us to spend more effort and time with our patients.

Constraints by payors and mass mergers also made it difficult to stay viable and competitive. We realized we couldn’t continue on our previous 35-year path. We were approached by several hospital systems in the city, and all were very happy to take over the practice and make us part of their medical staffs.

Fortunately, Dr. Robert Segal, a close friend and a cardiologist we have worked with for 10 years, felt that he could bring in operational expertise, cardiology expertise and procedures, as well as a group of very excellent primary care doctors.

With any merger of two organizations, change is often jolting, but we recognize the need to make the changes necessary to make our practice stronger and remain viable in this difficult medical environment.

We are confident that our new combined practice can improve your experience and access to care, including preventative health and wellness maintenance.

So the net result is that we are now positioned to continue to practice primary care medicine, cardiology and gastroenterology in a high quality, private practice environment with improved patient communication, and enthusiastic new doctors.

Yes, it may take a few weeks to smooth out the changes. I ask you to please be patient as change is difficult and we finalize integration.

Our new YRA staff includes our great original doctors (and our physician assistants) including Dr. Jared Braunstein (who returned), Dr. Susan Rosen, Dr. Kamila Seilhan, as well as Dr. Ruden and Dr. Kakoulas and me, plus excellent Drs. Denise Pate and Jyoti Kini, and cardiologist extraordinaire Dr. George Welch.

It also includes a group of highly-qualified energized new additions soon joining the staff.

Our personalized private practice will accept most insurances and will do our best to help our patients navigate the nontransparent medical world in the best way we can!

Good luck to all of us, and thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us.

Dr. Bruce Yaffe