Plan Your Visit

This is a page all for you, our patients. From insurance coverage to referrals, you will find all the things you need to make your visit to the office a well prepared and seamless experience.

Accepted Insurance

Feel free to click, open, and save these pdf forms of insurances each physician accepts and which insurances are accepted, determined by your procedure. For more clarifying information, always contact your medical insurance provider for details.

Insurances Carriers and Plans our providers participate in.
Insurances accepted based on procedure.
Vaccine Names and CPT Codes.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us:
Call: 212-879-4700 ext. #6234


After scheduling an appointment, the forms needed to accompany your visit are below. Mobile devices can fill forms using Fill & Sign: Apple / Android

First Time Patients

For first time patients, please complete the new patients registration forms:

Established Patients

For established patients, please update forms on the patient portal.

Colonoscopy and or Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Patients who are already scheduled, please complete the following forms:

For any other questions or concerns, please call 212-879-4700 for:
Cynthia Martinez, Ext. #6285
Crystal Domenech, Ext. #6244

Records Release

To obtain authorization for releasing records please fill out this form:

For any other questions or concerns, please call 212-879-4700
Yvette Bailey, Ext. #6292

Referral Request

To obtain a request for a referral please fill out these forms based on your request:

For any other questions or concerns, please call 212-879-4700 for:
Joan Lim, Referral A-M, Ext. #6289
Eli Miguel Mercado, Referral N-Z, Ext. #6229

Letter Requests and Form Fees

In the past, we have tried to accommodate patient requests for forms to be filled out and/or letters to be written, free of charge. Unfortunately we can no longer afford to do so. A simple letter or form by itself may take “only 10 minutes” but when those “10 minutes” are multiplied several hundred times a week, we simply do not have the man power to comply with these requests without seriously disrupting the daily work flow of the medical and administrative staff.

In order to maintain more control over the cost of time to our staff, we have decided to charge the following:

1. A very simple form or a one-line letter or something that only requires a doctor’s signature, which is brought in at the time of your appointment, will be covered by your visit. There will be no additional charge.

2. If you make an appointment with a P.A. SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A FORM COMPLETED, then you will just be responsible for your co-pay.

3. Many companies have started offering discounts on health insurance premiums to their employees if they get yearly Physicals and have their PCP fill out a short ”Patient Employer Wellness Program” (or similarly titled name) form. If your company is offering this to you, we encourage you to bring the form in with you at the time of your Physical and it will be filled out at no extra charge. If you drop it off at a later date, there will be a $10 administrative charge.

4. If the form or letter requires researching your file for the relevant information and you cannot come in for an appointment, you can drop the form off or, if it is a letter, attach a rough draft of what the letter needs to address. You MUST ALLOW 3 working days for the task to be completed. The charge for this is $20 to be paid at the time of your request.

5. When asking to have school and/or summer camp forms filled out, PLEASE CONFIRM THAT ALL NECESSARY IMMUNIZATION RECORDS are in your file BEFORE bringing in the form or dropping it off. The more you can fill in yourself, the quicker the form can be returned to you. The charge will be $25.

6. If a form is several pages long or a letter requires a lot of detailed information and needs very careful wording in order to be effective, the doctor will usually have to spend time doing it. In this case, the charge will vary from $50 to $100. The charge will be at the discretion of the doctor completing the form or writing the letter.

For any other questions or concerns, please call 212-879-4700 and speak to one of our secretaries.

Prepare for your Visit

To make your visit seamless, please read each section covering what info to bring, what to expect time-wise, and the role of the physician assistant.

What Info to Bring

First make sure you’ve updated or registered all information on the Patient Portal. You can visit the Patient Portal Here.

Please bring the following items to your visit:

  • Updated insurance card
  • Current & valid government issued photo ID
  • Credit Card (Name must match government issued ID)

If you are a new patient, please bring any relevant old medical information within the last five years that may be helpful to us. We are most interested in abnormal results, but feel free to bring anything that may be helpful.

Don’t have access to a computer? Don’t worry, we will have computers available for you to fill out the Patient Portal forms when you come to the office. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time should you need to fill out forms in-person.

What to Expect Time-Wise

We try to run on time, but may fall behind due to emergencies, scheduling errors, or patients arriving at incorrect times, etc. We encourage you to use our On Time button located on the navigation bar, which is regularly updated. You may also call ahead to 212-879-4700 ext. #6261, the Reception Desk, to determine if your doctor is running on time.

The Role of the Physician Assistant

When you are coming in for any new issues, the doctors can always accommodate you on the day of the appointment with the help of one of our nine excellent physician assistants (PA). The PA will perform the initial evaluation, and then the physicians will review your medical situation.

All of our PAs are extremely experienced in handling almost any situation in the Office, and understand the way your doctor approaches different issues. In many cases, you do not need to wait for the doctor, but you are always welcome and entitled to see the doctor, even if you only want to say “Hello!”

Don’t be shy, we get upset if you don’t ask.

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