Orthopedics at Yaffe Ruden and Associates is uniquely equipped to provide medical care for orthopedic injuries that would otherwise typically need to be treated in an urgent care station. Our orthopedics division is staffed by Karim Wahib and board-certified orthopedic surgeon Drew Stein, MD.

Injuries including non-emergency fractures, sprains, bruises, neck and back pain, hand injuries, burns, and bites.

Physicals for Sports and Scoliosis screening available.

Orthopedic Evaluation and Management of:

  • Non-Emergency Fractures
  • Back and neck pain
  • Sprains / Strains
  • Removal of Glass, Splinters, etc.


  • Occupational Health
  • Pre-participation exams
  • Scoliosis screening
  • Athletic Training Services and Professional Taping
  • Health-care Advocate for Orthopedic Issues and Surgical Questions

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