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Many of my patients want to know what supplements I take and why.  I take a number of supplements in an effort to:

  • Keep weight down
  • Lower cholesterol and decrease heart risk
  • Reduce cancer risk (especially prostate)
  • Reduce insulin resistance and prevent diabetes
  • Boost immunity to infection
  • Slow, or even reverse, the aging process (especially the Brain and Alzheimer’s)
  • Promotean increase in energy and sense of well-being
  • Eating well and getting routine exercise are obvious components of my plan. Like many patients, there is heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes in my family history.

ULTRAMEALPLUS (Metagenics) smoothie for breakfast. This excellent chocolate protein shake has been my breakfast for 20 years. It is low glycemic so I don’t feel hungry for several hours. It provides fiber, plant stanols and soy protein to lower cholesterol as well as insinase to decrease insulin resistance. It is excellent for weight control.

Breakfast is very important for jump starting your daily metabolism. It takes 30 seconds to prepare, tastes good, is filling and travels well. It comes in multiple flavors and costs under $3 per serving. Some take a 2nd dose before dinner, as part of a weight loss program as it really cuts the appetite and helps avoid craving for carbs and sweets.

PHYTOMULTI (Metagenics – 1 every morning)
This is an excellent multivitamin combined with a magnificent group of plant-based antioxidants (phytonutrients). For iron-deficient women, it also comes with iron.

A combination of Omega 3s and Omega 7. Both good for heart, brain, hair and skin. Lemon formulated to prevent burp-up.

PROTANDIM – Nrf2 Activator:
MAY BE THE KEY TO ANTI-AGING!  5 Common supplements in one pill activate 200 genes, which preventcell injury. Green Tea Extract, Curcumin, Bacopa, Ashwagonda and Milk Thistle blended at the best concentration to boost Nrf2 activity. There is a lot of very exciting Nrf2 research. If interested, please contact Jovana in our office at 212-879-4700 ext.#6263. You can also call Sharon Dominquez, the distributor, directly, at 302-420-4170.

Supports healthy brain aging, cognition and memory by providing neuroprotection and boosting neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

For improving heart, artery and vein function. Benefits vascular elasticity. Pycnogenol, Amla and Quercetin. Available in office or online.

VITAMIND3 5000 I. Us
I take 1 pill daily but I generally tell people to take 4 per week, Monday thru Thursday, and I test Vitamin D levels every 6-12 months trying to get the blood level to around 40-60 gms. Excellent Vitamin D info at: www.vitamindcouncil.org.

JUVENON (anti-aging product – 2 every morning)
A very interesting combination of alpha lipoic acid, one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants, and acetyl-L-carnitine, found to help energize mitochondria (the energy producing organelles in every cell). This product has been getting a lot of discussion in the anti-aging literature. It is being researched at the University of California, Berkeley and may be a really important supplement. For information and scientific studies, see: www.juvenon.com.

COQ – 10100mg. (1 daily)
COQ-10 is a natural antioxidant produced in all our cells, which gets depleted in many patients who take statins for lowering cholesterol or who are under stress. It is also excellent for inflamed gums and costs about $1 a day for good quality COQ-10. I take a statin, Crestor, for my cholesterol and I believe that if we can control LDL particle numbers well enough with medication and lifestyle and we can monitor plaque formation with coronary calcification scores, we can prevent most heart and vascular disease. We know that COQ-10 is decreased in patients on statins but it is NOT PROVEN YETthat COQ supplementation helps.

RESVERATROL(Longevinex – 1 every morning)
Comes from red wine and has potential anti-aging benefits. Very reliable scientific studies show how this powerful antioxidant affects genes that are involved in aging. Costs about $1 a day.  See www.longevinex.com.

D-HIST (1 every morning)
A very good antihistamine-like agent for allergies that does not cause drowsiness or dry mouth and is cheaper than over-the-counter antihistamines. It also has good antioxidant activity.

Blend of nutrients to support eye health and prevent macular degeneration.

To protect against heart attack and clotting.

If interested, ask for supplements at Checkout at the office to avoid shipping charges. For any questions, please contact Sabrina Vega at 212-879-4700 ext. 6233 or yrasvega@yafferuden.com, or go to Metagenics store or Orthomolecular Products website to obtain any of their products correctly.


We often find that many supplements are helpful in dealing with common problems we see in the office.

We have been paying attention to Jeff Bland, Ph.D., of Functional Medical Update for many years. We primarily offer supplements from either Metagenics or Orthomolecular, two companies noted for self-monitored purity and quality, as well being very involved in legitimate clinical research, in an otherwise unregulated industry.

In addition we also offer a few other selected products which we have found to be excellent. We often find that many of these supplements are cheaper than prescription or OTC products.

Below are a list of some of the common supplements that we suggest with a link the different sites where they can be purchased, or you can call Sabrina Vega at 212-879-4700 ext. 6233and she can order them directly from the office and ship them or you can pick them up at the office.


Protandim Nrf2 activator stimulates 500 genes to protect cells, maybe the ultimate anti aging antioxidant preparation.
CardioBoost with pycnogenol increasing vascular elasticity helping in patients with atherosclerosis and maybe vein damage.
Prodha by Nordic Naturals strawberry flavored omega 3 DHA.
Resveratrol – potent antioxidant, possibly help[ful in anti-aging.
Juvenon for brain and energy, possibly beneficial to slow the aging process.

Metagenics Store

ultra meal daily plus shake for multi, fibre, wt loss
coq10-200 for patients who take statins
folapro folic acid
vit e 1:1 high quality vit e with multiple isomers
mag glycinate for muscle spasms and cramps
mag citrate for constipation

candibactin br for small bowel bacterial overgrowth (sibo)
spectrazyme digestive enzyme
spectrazyme for gluten wheat intolerance
ultra flora balance our go-to general probiotic
zinlori for gastritis

Vitamin d3 5000 5-7 per week
hemagenics iron supplement
phytomulti multi (with or without iron)
mycoferon taken at first sign of a cold, sometimes prevents the cold often used preventatively on flights
cal apatite bone builder for osteopenia or osteoporosis
chondrocare cartilage repair
kaprex for joint pain
omegagenics epadha 1000 omega3 (our go to fish oil )
ceriva for memory support
hersynergy for female libido
estrovera for treating symptoms of menopause
hissynergy for male libido

Orthomolecular Products

bergamot lowers cholesterol and is often cheaper than zetia
adren-all for fatigue
candicid with berberine , for sibo (bacterial overgrowth) and candidate overgrowth
cerenity for relaxation (like a mild xanax)
cerenity pm for sleep
citranox for nitrous oxide which dilated blood vessels
dgl (deglycirinizied licorice) for upper gi distress
d-hist for allergies
diaxinol for glucose control
ortho-digestzyme digestive enzyme
glucosamine joint pain
glutashield upper gi indigestion, bloating and gas
ocuview macular degeneration protection
orthobiotic probiotic for use with an antibiotic
peppermint oil for gi cramps
probiotic 225 a very strong probiotic
sinatrol for uri and sinus infection
thyrotain enhanced thyroid function
viracid for uri
vit k2 180 bone support
wholemune for boosting the immune system